Future Plans for Outlaw 2

The future for the Tractor is a little up in the air at this time.

The current dry conditions is causing a lot of concern in the farming fraternity.

My occupation is very reliant on the success of the farming industry,

especially dry land cropping.

Plans were to do some major changes to the tractor, the dry conditions have

caused this to be shelved for now, hopefully this will not be a 

permanent decision.

Current plan is for the repairs needed to get back on the track, be done to

see it back late 2007, This would see Outlaw 2 remain it its current format.

My involvement with the Caddy Shack Puller Truck is occupying my spare 

time at the present, we are doing some engine updates and hope to see some

major gains. If all goes to plan we will see both in the up and coming season, 

Hopes for the Future

I would like to gain some form of Sponsorship, to allow me to set up a

Tractor Pulling team with the professional approach seen in the

European and American Tractor Pulling scene.

I believe I could give any company who supported my venture many ways to

promote their product.

During the last 25 years in the sport I have managed to gain a high profile in,

 our sport, with many appearances of my tractors on TV.

I have worked with the media in my role of Publicity Officer for the  

the Quambatook Tractor Pullers Association, a position I still hold.

Many years as media correspondent for the ATPA.

Write for the Full Magazine in the US and at times send some material to


My web pages also give good coverage.

If there is any Company or Organization who might like to be involved

please contact me for more details.

Kelvin Jobling Outlaw Pulling Team


Moblie: 0429 015220