Introduction to the New Home Page.

My Name is Kelvin Jobling. Known to many as jobbo.

This site will incorporate Tractor Pulling, My Business Kelvin Jobling Mechanical Repairs

 And (other items such as family history and items yet to be decided)

I plan to cover all Tractor Pulling in Australia and if I can gain the info some of the New Zealand action.

My original page was the first web page in Australia , dedicated to Tractor Pulling in Australia . (1995)  

My aim it to make available any information that any person, organization or company would like to know about our sport. The page will be going through a change, it was originally in a very basic format, now I hope to bring it up to a modern style of web page, but aim to keep it very simple and fast loading. This is to aid people who don't have computer experience and those who have slow connection rates.

The Home Page for the Quambatook Tractor Pullers Association, who are the Promoters of the Australian Championships, held

 Annually on Easter Saturday. Former Publicity Officer for the QTPA. If there is any Publication, Radio, TV organization needing a contact for Tractor Pulling please contact me, and I will forward you along to the current personel.

I have been a competitor for over 25 years and been involved with the ATPA for around 23 years, 4 as President. 1 Year as President QTPA .

My current aim is to promote Tractor Pulling into new areas of Australia , currently working with some people who like myself believe there is a great prospect for pulling in Southern Queensland , so if there is any person who would like to help please make themselves known to me.

                     There is some positive action taking place in Southern Queensland.    

                     Contact details to be organized, but for now please contact me  .0429 015220

 Other project I have been involved with are the tractor pull demonstration at the Deni Ute Muster,. and the  Wakefield Park Motor Raceway Tractor Pull at Goulburne NSW.  Now I am back with the Quambatook Reactor Pullers Association as Vice President and continuing as the Publicity Officer for the QTA

There is a need for new workers in our sport, as we are mostly a competitor based organization, we lack the workforce need at some pull centres. If you would like to join as an associate member and become a part of the Tractor Pulling Fraternity, you would be most welcome to the sport. We have seen some workers become competitors in later years and previous competitors who have remained as workers and officials.

I have built a mini and super modified tractor as well as doing most of the development to the first pro stock tractor in Australia, if you would like to build a tractor I would be most willing to help any person who would like any help. At a later time I will put some basic details of tractors on this site. If you would like some help please email me and I will try to answer any questions that might arise.

The Calendar for the 2007/ 2008 season can be located at    this page will stay at this site but many items will be available on the jobbo site also

Please check out the Aussie forum, this site is listed on the main page, this notice board allows the exchange of ideas and thought about tractor pulling,

This introduction will be updated from time to time, any input will be welcome.

I hope to compile the History of Tractor Pulling in Australia, this will need the help of any person who has been involved or knows of people who can help, this will be a massive job as after 30 years some history will already be lost. We must compile all the information we can while we have some of the original people who know our history. A brief history will be on the jobbo site but this is a little down the track.

For those who don't know Tractor Pulling exists in WA at this time mini only, in Tasmania, it is growing from Vintage pulling in that state, It is not confirmed as yet, but I have heard that they will adopt the pulling rules of the ATPA, this will enable them to compete at the Australian Championships held at Quambatook. I hope to incorporate all these associations into my page, including Queensland when that finally starts.

                                                                      The Home of Tractor Pulling Australia Page

Quambatook heritage working Machinery

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Mobile 0429 015220

This is enough for now Cheers Kelvin Jobling (jobbo)

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