How they Tractor Pull in New Zealand

All our tractors in New Zealand run automatic transmissions and they are totally enclosed in a 6mm steel cover starting from the back of the engine and going the entire length of the auto.

Some tractors run a short drive shaft that is also enclosed and others use a universal coupling joining the auto direct to the back end of the tractor.

We all use standard tractor back ends and they all have the factory roll bar. The two classes we run are the,

(1) modified

They are allowed one small block engine must weigh less than 2600kg and are only allowed 15/30 tyres.

(2) super modified

They are also only allowed one engine but the size and method of induction is free although they are not allowed to run nitrous if they are already supercharged, they can run any size and number of tyres and can be 4wd but must be under 4000kg.


The sled is a fixed weight machine, that can have weight added if needed, the pulls are a timed run.

The track is unlike most pulling track it has a loose surface, I don't have much information but hope to have more soon.