..and protect the future of country communities.

The Victorian Government intends to build a pipeline from Lake Eildon to Melbourne. The pipeline will be 75 km long and pump 75 billion litres of water every year over a mountain range, generating thousands of tons of greenhouse gases.

The water from Eildon will be taken away from irrigation communities, highland ecosystems, Eildon tourist communities and the Murray River.

The removal of such a large amount of water will be equivalent to shutting down an irrigation area half the size of Shepparton, the heart of the Foodbowl. Many irrigationcommunities will be severely economically affected.

Melbourne will be taking water from one of the driest catchments and pumping it to its own catchment area (one of the wettest). Country towns have been on Stage 4 water restrictions for years while Melbourne is on Stage 3a. The drought is continuing and yet the Brumby Government is still intent to take water from the irrigation districts, natural river systems and tourist locations such as Eildon.

The Plug the Pipe Campaigners need your help to try and stop this environmentally and economically damaging unjust plan.

What You Can Do to Help Us

  1. Become a Plug The Pipe Campaigner ($10 membership, see below)
  2. Place Plug The Pipe Signs in front of your rural property or hang a sign in your shop window.
  3. Write a letter to your local newspaper, MP or Foodbowl representative.
  4. Call in to talk back radio and give your views.
  5. Sign a petition against the construction of the Melbourne pipeline.
  6. Support organised Protests such as the Melbourne Rally.

More campaign details can be found at :-

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Att : Frank Kelly

132 Kelly Road Tragowel,


Victoria, 3579

Phone : 03 5452 0232

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